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It’s party time as Chloe turns nine!

23 November 2022 - by News Reporter


Sunday, November 6 was a special day for the West family, from Dromore, as Chloe celebrated her 9th birthday!


Chloe was born with a hole in her heart and Down’s syndrome and, at just six months old, she underwent major heart surgery.

Parents Andrea and David have been proud to watch their daughter grow into a ‘lovely, caring girl’ who loves Barbie, lipgloss and dancing!

“At the moment Chloe is doing really well,” Andrea told the Chronicle.

“She had been due to get her tonsils and adenoids out last month, but an emergency case came in and the operation was cancelled.

“She has now got a new date for November 17, so hopefully it will go ahead then.

“The operation will be done in the Royal Victoria, as they know her whole medical history there.

“This is a procedure she’s been waiting on for over four years.

“We find that every year once September comes, Chloe always gets a really bad head cold, a runny nose and cough.

“Her airway becomes swollen and her throat closes over, which makes sleeping difficult for her.

“Children with Down’s syndrome have a smaller airway and it’s a case where Chloe’s tonsils are too big for the back of her airway.

“It’s not dangerous, but it’s not a good thing either.

“Any time she takes a cold, we have to prop her up in bed to help with her breathing.”

Chloe is progressing well in school and is now in Mrs Hyndman’s SM Class, which is the next stage of special education in Edenderry PS.

Andrea commented: “Mrs Hyndman says that Chloe is the only girl in her class, but all the boys - especially Freddie - just loves her and look out for her in school. 

“We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Mrs Watson who was Chloe’s teacher in J1 for three years at Edenderry PS.

“She was very supportive in every way, especially when Chloe was ill and when Covid was at its worst and schools were closed.

“Chloe was a bit shy at the start of the school year, but she’s growing in confidence.

“She is very sociable and mixes well with the other kids.

“Her school day is from 8.45am to 2.30pm and on Fridays she gets home at 1.30pm.

“It is a longer day for her, and she now has more homework to do.

“Her handwriting is coming on slowly but she’s getting there, and she enjoys drawing.

“She’s a very caring wee girl and she gets on with all our grandchildren – Matilda, Herbie and Farah.”

Andrea added: “She’s a real girly girl and she loves Barbie and all things pink! She’s into lipgloss and lipstick and can’t wait to get her nails painted.

“She does have her wee ‘diva’ moments, as I call them. The biggest struggle is probably after school, trying to get her homework done.

“But once she has her lessons done, she has time to chill out on her iPad.”

With Chloe’s operation scheduled for later this month, her birthday was low key - but still a very special celebration.

“We always say we’ll have a big party, but it just hasn’t happened with one thing and another,” Andrea continued.

“We have to do Covid checks on Chloe before the operation, and David and I have to keep ourselves right too, so we just had a small get-together with family.

“Chloe’s big brother Kyle called round on Friday night with a present and we had a Chinese takeaway.

“The rest of the family visited on Sunday, and we had a buffet and birthday cake.

“As her main present, Chloe got a Barbie camper van. And we always like to get her something educational that she’ll learn from, like books and jigsaws.

“She has another playhouse in the garden, so she has everything she needs.

“Because of Chloe’s immune system and being in and out of hospital, for her own protection, we use the garden space a lot more now rather than going to the park.”

Proud mum Andrea added: “She’s really grown into a lovely wee girl. She has lovely, long hair and she loves dressing up.

“At the last check up with her consultant Dr. Sands, he said he was very happy with her.

“He said her heart was looking good, and he was well pleased with her height and weight.

“He’ll continue to see her every year and a half.

“We’re delighted that she’s doing so well.”

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