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16 September 2020

LAWRENCETOWN residents fear there could be a fatality unless action is taken to curb speeding on the Point Road.

Over 40 people have signed a petition calling on the authorities to reduce the speed limit, or consider implementing traffic-calming measures on the busy route.

According to one local resident, the speeding issue has been a cause of concern for some time.

“There is a 40mph speed limit coming into the built-up area, but it has absolutely no impact - the vehicles are still flying down the road,” the resident said. 

“The volume of traffic using the road has increased 10-fold in the past decade.

“The worst times are between 7.30am and 8am in the morning, and around 6pm at night.

“A ‘SLOW’ warning sign had been painted on the road, but the surface has since been tarmacked and it wasn’t re-painted.

“At the bottom of the road there is a bad corner at the chapel, and you cannot see coming out of there. It’s a real blind spot, and an accident waiting to happen.

“Residents fear there’s going to be a fatality unless something is done. It’s scary and scandalous the speed some of the vehicles are doing going into a village. 

“We have drawn up a petition which has been signed by over 40 residents, and the Lord Mayor, Kevin Savage, has also given us his support.

“The bottom line is that something needs to be done. We are asking the authorities to please listen to our appeal before someone is killed on this road.”

Councillor Savage recently met with residents to view the situation for himself.

Speaking afterwards, he said: “I have engaged with the Department for Infrastructure in relation to this matter, and have asked that they come to the Point Road and meet with residents to hear first-hand their concerns. 

“There are families who can’t even let their children out to play because of the speeding issue.” 

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