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Call for action on burglars and ‘boy racers’

16 September 2020

CARLA Lockhart MP and Councillor Paul Greenfield recently met with PSNI Inspector Brian Mills in Banbridge, to press for more action to catch burglars and crack down on ‘boy racers’. 

After the meeting, Mrs Lockhart said: “In recent weeks we have seen several local homes targeted in burglaries. This is a concern right across the community. 

“Your home should be your safe place, and it disgusts me that we have those who target the possessions of others and enter properties to take them. 

“I made clear to the PSNI that visible policing on the ground is key to deterring this activity. 

“We also must promote home security messaging around keeping doors and windows closed, using timed switches on lights, keeping valuables out of sight and much more.

“We can all take steps to protect our properties from these gangsters.

“I also took the opportunity to call for greater action against boy racers who continue to endanger their own safety and the safety of the wider community. 

“Ultimately, these people need to grow up, but we also need to send out the message that if you drive without care or have modifications that are illegal, then you will pay a penalty.

“In the coming weeks I am assured the police will be taking this issue forward as a priority, and I trust that will see a marked improvement in local road safety.”

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